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Custom Stuffed Toy Manufacturer !

Custom Corporate Gifts and Trade Show Giveaways

Turn Your Corporate Mascot Into A Custom Toy

Have your corporate mascot turned into a unique giveaway or ad promotional item. You can use your custom stuffed toy corporate mascot as a gift with purchase, a giveaway, or as a promotional item.

Since 1995 I have been helping corporations, organizations, and people like you to create custom stuffed animals to use as strong, lasting branding tools.

Let the fans of your brand take a little piece of your company home, and make sure it looks like your mascot! Not just any stock toy.

This Is Not For You If...

If you're 'okay' with getting any stuffed toy, and having your logo stamped on a t-shirt or ribbon around the toys neck, then my company is not for you. There are a ton of companies out there that warehouse toys, so you can buy a few cases as giveaways or promotional toys. They'll be cheap, and will be shipped to you very quickly. Your customer can cut the bow or t-shirt off but they may remember who gave it to them. You're okay, if your toy gets retired and isn't made anymore, since you'll simply switch to whatever is kept in stock.

This Service is For You If...

You need your toy to look like your mascot. (think what it would look like if Aflac gave out any old duck) You want your company name, website and logo on the sew in label ( the tag in the bum of the toy) and want your branding permanently embroidered on to the body of the toy. You don't want to worry about whether the company who makes your toy won't stock it in the future.