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Toy Creation Service Levels

Getting Started is easy. Simply select the amount of help you need to get started. Whether it is simply ending up with a prototype in your hands, or launching a full website, and marketing materials to sell your idea, you'll find what you need below.

Services Description
Dedicated Project Manager
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This feature is important for your project. One Project Manager is assigned to your project. This PM ( Project Manager) is specially trained by me to move you from the first contact all the way through to production as effectively as possible. You will benefit from this because you don't have to explain your project (many of which can be quite complex) every time you call. My PMs meet with me everyday at 1:30pm EST to go over projects that need special attention. This means that your PM is supported by me and the other Project Managers. You will receive an update once a week, giving you information on your project. This is part of my secret weapon called the SEED System. | More Info Here |

Weekly Email Updates
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As stated above, your dedicated PM will send you an email once a week whether there is new information or not. At times we may be waiting for materials, or shipping which can take weeks. You will not be left wondering what is going on, since an update will be sent to you every week. This is a huge benefit since you can worry about selling and marketing your new plush toy, instead of wondering what is going on.
No 'Surprises' Guarantee
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This feature is very important to you. You will get one final invoice with;
1) QTY x Price Per Piece
2) Local Ground Shipping

That's It ! No Surprises! It's written right in to our guarantee.
I take the amount you owe for the product, and the amount you owe for shipping. There are no other fees unless you choose them. In the past I have received calls from people asking me what they can do, because they chose my competition to make their toys because of the 'low price'. As the goods are delivered they receive a stream of invoices for items like duty, customs, brokerage, clearance, DDC, and many other charges not included in their original price. I guarantee you will not get any surprise invoices after the order is done. | Learn More About My Guarantee Here |
Basic Toll Free And
Email Support
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This feature is important to ensure true two way communication. As listed above, your dedicated Project Manager will be sending weekly email updates to you, but you may have additional questions. I highly recommend gathering a few questions over a couple of days, and then contacting your Project Manager. It is normal to have many quick communications at key points in the project, and you will benefit by having one contact per week. This is a key part of our SEED System which ensures your toy idea succeeds.
Basic Color Sketch
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You will be so excited when you see the idea you've been thinking about for so long finally come together in a color sketch. If you don't have your own artwork that is 'plush ready' then this is an extremely valuable and necessary service. The art form of designing plush toys is a very round art form. Sharp edges, thin limbs, fingers, toes and concave features are difficult to show on small plush toys. It is important that your idea is sketched out as accurately as possible. By accurate I do not mean more details. More details is not always a good thing, since plush toys are quite round and basic in form. Having very detailed artwork will disappoint you when you see the final plush toy, since your expectation will not be realistic. If you look through my gallery, you will see that I make high quality toys that could sit on any retail shelf. So you are advised to follow my guidance and experience to let me provide the best sketch possible to represent your toy in plush form. If you want changes, I can suggest the best method to achieve your goals.
Three Sketch Revisions
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This feature is important since it allows you to make adjustments based on your opinion of the first sketch. There are only two things that I will insist on, one being safety, and the other being design capabilities of plush toys. I will not show or design toys that are unsafe. It does not matter that the toy will only be used for adults since every toy we make may appeal to a child, and therefore it must comply with toy safety standards.
Color Composite
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A very good edition to a well done color sketch is an organized layout of your idea with Professional Color Selection, and additional details. To explain color to my designers I describe a specific red material as 485c Red (for example) and they will know exactly what color you desire. When describing color it is best for you to allow me to select Pantone colors and I will match as closely as possible. Having this organized in a color composite, not only allows my designers to more accurately get the look you want, but you can use this to detail your ideas in case you require copyright protection in the future.

Plush Prototype Sample
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This feature is included in every service level for obvious reasons. You cannot buy what you cannot see or touch. A high quality prototype will be sent to you to be looked over first hand. You will be thrilled with the toy you receive as a prototype sample, and I can make it even better as we move in to production. | Important Video Here |

I can show changes to your toy, if necessary, by editing a photo of it. This way you can see the final results you can expect in production. When you begin production, I'll make a new sample showing you the changes, so you can be sure of how your whole order will look.

Prototype Photo Edit
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This is an extremely valuable feature for your project. When I make your prototype and send it to you, there may be slight changes that you want, before moving in to production. This is the first time this toy has ever been created so it is normal for there to be changes needed. You will discuss these changes with your Project Manager, and they will make careful notes of what you want. A graphic artist will take the clear, high quality and professional photos of your prototype, and show the changes you want made. This shows you how your requests will look moving in to production, as well as showing my designer in China the look that you are going for. This elevates the success of a project dramatically.

Trackable Courier Delivery
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You will be emailed with a tracking number, as your prototype is sent to you. When your prototype arrives here at Binkley, we take high quality photos, document the prototype, and then ship it out to you.
Three Photo Edit Revisions
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This is the same as the photo edit revision service above, except you get one additional set of changes. You will describe what you want to your Project Manager, and they will make sure our graphic artists gets the look you want.
Closed Door Team Session
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You will find this to be one of the most valuable tools I have to offer. With over 20 years of manufacturing my clients have found these sessions to be extremely valuable in finding and correcting design issues. Everyday I meet with my Project Managers at 1:30 pm EST to go over different projects and how we can make them better. With over 150 projects on the go at any one time, projects simply would not get the close scrutiny that they deserve, if I did not hold these daily meetings.In this closed door team session, my PMs will go over the details of your project and get the groups feedback. You will get feedback of the outcome of that meeting. This is a benefit you do not want to pass up on. You can use this feature at any time during the project, and you can request specific information to be obtained from this session.
Retail Quality
Hangtags & Plastic Bags
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If you are going to sell or giveaway a toy in the marketplace you might as well have it looking good. Whether you sell online or in retail stores, retail quality cardboard hangtags with your logo, your toll free number and your website are what you need. For clean storage and delivery I wrap each toy in it's own plastic bag. Now that is a great looking product. Normally I require a $150 artwork fee to layout the hangtag artwork, but if you choose the Basic Startup Service Level or higher you will not only get the layout, but the hangtags and plastic bags as well. So if you are ordering 3,600 toys (for example) , this can amount to $ 1,122 in savings.
Example - plastic bag $0.12 + hangtag $0.15 x 3,600 +$150 artwork fee = $ 1,122 US value
Design Guide
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You can ensure that your idea will be consistent throughout the entire process of designing, creating, manufacturing, marketing and launching your dream toy. The Design Guide is sold on it's own for $685 US. You can read more about the Design Guide here.
30 Minutes of
Expert Phone Time
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You will find that some more advanced questions in the manufacturing and marketing of a product can only be answered by an expert. This is when you need some time with me, the owner. I have experience, spanning from 1995, in manufacturing, international logistics, e-commerce, online marketing and product development. Some basic questions can be answered on copyright, trademarks, patents and off-line marketing. For specific legal issues you should always consult a lawyer who specializes in these areas, but for a new product, sound advice and lots of experience can help you greatly. You can divide this time in to 2 - 15 minute phone calls to be used when you feel it is necessary. You can read more about the Expert Phone Time here.
Sell Sheet
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We are always amazed to hear a client say "I can't go out an sell this toy, it isn't the Exact color I was thinking about." (as an example) Our successful clients are out selling their idea even before the first toy comes off of the production line. A great tool to do this is a sell sheet. A sell sheet is a high quality professional photo of your toy, along with a logo, product details and a little bit about you on a professionally designed layout. With an attached price list you can get retailers, sales representative or buyers excited about your idea. You can be selling toys before they are even made. We have many clients doing just this !
5 Page Website
3 Months Free Hosting
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Basic Website and Hosting

Just imagine your own custom designed, unique website, your own business like email address and enough room to host hundreds of pages in the future! We will purchase and setup the domain name of your choosing. We will host this site on our server, and work with you to develop a website that highlights who you are, your background and your new toy idea. You can use this website to direct retailers to it, so they can get more information about your product, and also get information on how to contact you.

You'll be able to sell toys on your site using PayPal buttons. Hosting is $49.99 a month after 3 months. See details on what happens after the 3 months of free hosting here.

A short list of sites, I've built, consulted on and host;

Upgrade Your Website and Hosting

You can upgrade to a more robust shopping cart, and all credit cards and PayPal as well.
Email for details on additional fees for the upgraded website.
An example of an upgrade site:

Logo Design
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You will need a quality designed logo to go on to your sell sheet and website so we might as well make that for you too! You will receive the logo in several formats that can be used on a future website, business cards, letter head, invoices or a road side billboard.
Copyright Protection Trail
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With Your project being one of a hundred or more projects on the go at any one time it can get pretty hectic here. It would be difficult to remember what new idea we came up with to make your project great. With this service, each stage of the creation process will be documented. It is like a "Baby's First Book" record, of when you contacted, who you spoke with, what was said, and signed worksheets from staff. These work sheets show that the work we have done for you, belongs to you. We cannot claim ownership over any of your ideas since we will sign off on them as a "Work For Hire". When you need lawyers involved to legally protect your ideas, a clear paper trail will be ready.
One Sales Rep. in USA
or Canada
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I will find, interview and screen a sales representative for your toy. The sales representative will have a good network of retail stores that they sell to regularly. I'll do all of the leg work for you. All you have to do is finalize the relationship by negotiating payment terms. I can help you with that as well.
Five Reviews On Top Website
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A powerful way to drive sales is to get influential people to speak positively about your toy. I will secure five top websites to review your toy and give an honest review that is posted publicly. There is nothing more powerful then having positive reviews of your product. When you shout to the World how great your toy is people will question you, if an independent person shouts out how great your toy is, then the World will believe it.
First Retail or
Online Sale Guaranteed
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I will test various methods to get your toy to sell. I will document what I did, and all you have to do at that point is repeat, repeat and repeat. Everything will be setup for you to sell more toys. Figuring out how to get that first toy to sell is the hard part.
99 Ideas
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You have your toy idea! Now what? Here are 99 key elements that you can put in to action right now to perfect your toy, market your toy, sell your toy and turn your toy in to the next Blockbuster Hit! How much would it cost if you missed a step while inventing and selling your toy? Wouldn't it be great to have a road map to your success? Are you sure you've thought of everything? Get 99 great ideas bundled in to one easy to read guide with detailed explanations on each of them. With the included CDs, simply sit back and listen as idea after idea is handed to you ready for you to put in to action immediately. ( digital download)

Toy Inventor Secrets
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As a bonus you will get 10 toy inventor real life success stories. These inventors made the news with their inventions and you can hear their story about how they went from idea to a finished product that sells. These toy inventor stories are sure to light a fire under you and inspire your dreams to make it big in the toy world. These true stories are about toy inventors just like you who had an idea, struggled to get it out in to the market and finally succeeded beyond their wildest hopes and aspirations.(digital download)