Non-Disclosure Agreement

Protect Your Toy Idea

It's a good idea not to discuss your toy idea with anyone, including family and friends, without a signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) If they won't sign it, then you don't want to discuss your idea with them.

Fill in the information below, and I'll review it and sign the Non-Disclosure back to you so you have it for your records. Please allow at least one business day to return this back to you. We can then freely discuss your toy idea. I will not be able to legally repeat your toy idea, or use the information for any other client. Guaranteed !

*** If you don't see the returned NDA after one business day, it may have gone to your spam folder. If you don't see it in your spam or junk folder, then please call 1-800-304-6642 and I'll be sure to get a signed copy sent to you.


Automatic NDA

Fill in the form and I will sign it and return it back to you by email.

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Download and mail or fax the completed NDA here