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Custom Corporate Gifts and Trade Show Giveaways

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Corporate Side

You Should Use The Corporate Side If
  • You have an existing business (usually 3 years or more)
  • Your core product is not the character you want to make a toy of
  • The character you want to make a plush toy of merely represents the product or company
  • It is a giveaway or promotional item to support the sales of other products
  • You have a yearly needed for promotional products
  • Corporations (Medium to Large) who need upscale premiums
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Educational Companies
  • Entertainment Companies
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Inventor Side

You Should Use The Inventor Side If...
  • You are a startup company
    ( crowd funding / Kickstarter)
  • The toy will be part of core product offering ( with Childrens Book for example)
  • You're hoping to " shop your idea around "
  • You're hoping someone licenses or buys your toy idea
  • Sales of the toy will be a significant part of your total revenue
  • Childrens Book Authors
  • Individuals working on this idea from home
  • Inventors
  • Prospectors
    (hoping to invent a product that is purchased)
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