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In 1995 I was very successful selling bears and bunnies in retail stores across the USA and Canada all made locally. When I did large toy shows I often had people coming to me asking me if I could make their toy. I resisted at first because I was busy growing my business but when there was enough demand it was a logical next step to help others create unique toys.

Exciting and Fun

One of my early trade show giveaway was so much fun. I had a company in Virginia that was putting together a trade show marketing campaign for a industrial and commercial flooring company. You know, the type of seamless vinyl floors they have in hospitals and other institutions.

The company had a huge trade show coming up and wanted to introduce 12 new colors for their floors. My client's idea was to cut small 1" tiles of the flooring and put them in the belly of a stuffed toy chameleon. We talked about the immense amount of work it would be to organize the tiles, put them in the toys, and also the weight of the final product would be a factor as well.

Brain Storming

That is when it came to me. Why not scan the new floor colors, make rolls of material that matched the flooring and cut up the pieces to make a toy using the 12 new colors?

There were a few technical challenges that would have to be worked out, and I had to make sure that going for a more complex solution was not going to make the toys late for the trade show. The toys turned out fantastic, were well received by my customer and the trade show attendees. It ended up being a win, win, win project with a perfect solution.

Moving Forward

From that first trade show giveaway experience I have had the joy of working with thousands of other companies. Each project is unique and has it's own challenges, solutions and excitement. I will not make the same toy for two different companies, so you can be assured that yours will be original as well. You won't find the booth down the aisle from you with the same toy.

My Promise To You

I have learned very early on, that I'd rather disappoint you now, and say I can't do something, or meet a delivery date, as opposed to having your toys show up late for your trade show, and really disappoint you later. That mantra has served me and my good clients well for almost two decades.

I could tell you some pretty fantastic stories about going to great lengths to ensure the toys arrive on time. When you've done this as long as I have you learn that getting to the right people, will get the job done. Whether it's a trade show floor manager to allow an after hours delivery, or a trucking company who's shoved your cartons in the back of the wrong 18 wheeler. Getting the goods delivered is my main focus.

Your Custom Toy

You should take a minute to read a Case Study on a past corporate gift or trade show giveaway toy. It will give you some ideas which you could apply for your own needs.

When you're ready, you should get a quote on your own corporate stuffed toy mascot.

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