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Toy Manufacturer Safety !

Keeping Your Promotional Product Safe

Promotional Toy Safety

Safety of the promotional products I make are my number one concern.

Thankfully I do not have investors to impress with increasing profit margins, and I don't owe money to the banks, so I don't need to show increasing sales. This gives me the freedom to focus on what is important. I need to sleep at night, so when I first started working in the toy business I put safety first. Quality, delivery time, and a cute toy come second to safety.

As opposed to you taking my word for it, I use a third party safety testing lab to test every production order I ship out. My factory takes many precautions, like running every toy through a metal detector to look for broken sewing needles, (it happens) and avoiding any design with small parts, and getting every production order safety tested is an additional level of safety.

Whether it's CPSIA safety regulations for the USA or EN71 for Europe, or any other country's safety regulations, I'll make sure the toys meet and exceed the requirements to get the testing papers stamped 'PASSED'.

When dealing with promotional toys for trade show giveaways, it's critical that you're confident that the toy will be safe no matter who the toy is passed on too.

If you order from me, I can assure you that your toys are safe and I'll prove it by getting an approved lab to test the toys.

Humane Working Conditions

My factory has been screened by third party companies for humane working conditions. You can be sure that your company will not appear in the five o'clock news because my factory uses child labor or inhumane working conditions. That will not happen. When I do orders for large corporate clients like McDonald's Restaurants they require their own safety testing labs to do on site screening of working conditions. Performing those screenings several times a year ensures that conditions are not declining and no child labor is used.